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OpHaus gives professionals a place to confidentially track accomplishments and career information. We believe you should choose how and when your data is used to benefit your career.

When it's time for a change, one click will open your profile to new opportunities.

OpHaus gives me the opportunity to confidentially manage my career data in one place, then make myself available as my career needs change.

How it Works


    Build A Profile

    A simple process will get you started in building your career history.

    You share your accomplishments. OpHaus provides the flexibility to choose how and when you communicate that information to prospective hiring companies. Your profile is never shared publicly. Take your data with you at any time.

  2. Choose Availability

    Profile anonymous screenshot

    One click determines your availability.

    If you are not currently available for opportunities, click "Currently Unavailable" and your data will remain completely confidential. If you are open to new opportunities, choose your availability and you'll show up in matches immediately. You always have the ability to remain Anonymous, whether seeking opportunities or not.

  3. Manage & Update

    Add additional accomplishments to stay up to date.

    Keeping your profile up to date will insure the OpHaus match algorithm continues to put the right professionals in front of hiring companies. Even if you're not available for opportunities, this will help speed the process when you decide to make a change.

  4. Engage

    Direct contact with Hiring Companies.


    Hiring Companies will reach out directly when they have interest in speaking with you. If they choose to hire you, OpHaus will be there every step of the process. If the opportunity is project-based, OpHaus has tools to manage timesheets, billing, and invoicing.

We are your ally.

Tools to manage and grow your career.

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