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Accomplishments not Age

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Accomplishments not Age

Traditional Resumes with their Bolded Titles and To - From Dates place Age front and center.  Josh Bersin and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic of the Harvard Business Review so eloquently made the case for hiring older workers showcasing that diversity of experience leads to better outcomes.

Yet, Age remains a barrier. How many jobs postings have you reviewed that include things like 5-8 years of experience?(Preferred, of course.) Why the 8?  Perhaps, they fear a person will be too expensive or their career trajectory is different from that of the hiring manager, making it hard to see the candidate’s path. Fear of the team not being cohesive or lacking that “gel” (Josh and Tomas clearly refute that fear).  What can be done to open up jobs to qualified candidates of all ages?


Resumes. Must. Change.

Experience To-From Dates, Titles, and Graduation often showcase age. How can we ensure those are not the first characteristics we see? Instead, we first evaluate Accomplishments, Results, and Skills against the needs of our open roles.

Companies need a Talent Pipeline where candidates constantly share accomplishments and are Matched to hiring company needs (read: not Titles). Professionals needs a resume tool that focuses them on describing what they deliver in the 3 P's - People, Process, and Profit. When accomplishments are front and center, hiring managers see a career story. Allowing for better conversations on what motivates a candidate and how they contribute to an organization. Hiring Managers have the data to analyze skill gaps, opportunities, and even restructure roles and responsibilities to get the best possible talent in their door.

Complex issues face business and we have historically low unemployment. Let’s use technology to get to that 1st conversation faster and eliminate any bias that prevents a key player from joining our team.



To discuss an OpHaus-powered Talent Pipeline for your Organization, please contact info@OpHaus.com.


Posted on: 10/04/2019