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Stay Interviews | Unbiased Approach

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Can you gauge employee loyalty and identify those at risk to leave?

Open ended questions like “What do you love?” or “What makes you stay?” are too vague or leading. We need to understand which employees are on a trajectory that does not align with the organization.

Ask employees to identify their Top Accomplishment in the previous year (quarter, etc.). What was the result and what skills did they deploy to achieve it? Ask Managers to identify the Top Goal for their respective team. What result are they looking to achieve and what skills will it take to accomplish?

This Achievement vs. Goal Approach to Stay Interviews allows you to identify individuals with skills not highly valued by the organization – a.k.a. flight risk  and teams where goals and accomplishments differ widely.

How do you prove ROI on Stay Interviews?

Redundant and missing skills whether leadership, technical, innovation, process improvement, etc. should shape recruitment and training strategy. By continuing regular Stay Interviews, you visually present and quantify skill gaps that have been closed or % closed as a result of training, upskilling, and recruitment strategy. These Stay Interviews empower professionals to track their professional development within your organization.

Real-life Example

Engineering firm HR Manager interviewed the Accounting team on their Top Accomplishment during year-end reviews. Team largely shared the implementation of a new Accounting system. They had focused their time on learning the system, transitioning data, and improving financial reporting close each month-end.

CFO was interviewed on her Top Goal. While she valued Month-end financial reporting, it was not her Top Initiative. Instead, she desired more real-time planning analytics on Budget v. Actual by Project, Cash Position etc... Reviewing real-time analytics would be the "constant check." Team lacked certain skills on forecasting and process improvement to develop real-time analytics. HR Manager was able to clearly present these skills gaps and partner with the CFO to devise a talent strategy to address.

For more info on Stay Interviews or to see OpHaus Accomplishment Tracking tool, email Kate Ferreira kf@OpHaus.com.

Posted on: 05/09/2019