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Maximize Your 7-Second Resume

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New Year, New Opportunities. Whether you are seeking a change in 2018 or looking to grow in your current role, you need a strong vision of what it is you deliver. Not title or department. The real Ask is strategic vision, leadership, and insight.

7 Seconds

Depending on who you ask, hiring managers spend between 6 and 10 seconds reviewing your resume. That leaves little runway to convey your future-ready career skills.

The Three P's 

How can a professional catch a hiring manager's eye? We coach professionals to identify their accomplishments within the Three P's.

People: How do you help your team grow their knowledge or reduce manual work? Did you develop the framework, train the team, or provide insight to other departments or clients?

I spoke with an accomplished colleague who led a national Non-profit. I was surprised when she lamented "I struggle with Accomplishments. It's not me. It's the team." While I respect her humility considering her success, I had to disagree with the thought pattern. The wins you have along with your team are critical. People are a company's most-valued resource, sometimes their only resource. When entrusted to lead a team, explain how your contributions positioned that team to deliver superior results.

Process Improvement:  How do you improve the processes you touch daily? This is operational efficiency and our companies need it in every department and team. Did you make processes more efficient, more value-add (insightful), or less error-prone? Process improvement is relevant to Every. Single. Role. 

Profit & Loss: How do you support the organization's efforts to grow revenue or reduce costs? Some of us struggle with this one.  We may even think we are "not in Sales." No matter our role, we are all tasked with being a guardian of Profit and Loss.

What costs did you reduce or eliminate? Do you provide insight to the sales organization that helps the company reach new clients? Articulate how you contribute to your company's commercial success. It is critical to every hiring manager.


OpHaus Resume Builder

Consider People, Process, and Profit. What do you hope to achieve in these areas in 2018? Our goal at OpHaus is to give you a simple tool to capture those accomplishments. Whether at your desk, your child's soccer game, or the train ride home, OpHaus Resume Builder is simple to update. Plus, it is completely confidential, and you determine when to share. A simple 1-click allows you to download your accomplishments into a pretty PDF Resume. Take it with you as you'd like.

 Request an invite and get started today. Crush those 7 seconds!

Posted on: 01/26/2018