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Is The Resume Outdated and Ineffective?

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In a world where technology is changing by the minute, why do we still have the concept of a resume that only changes when we are looking for a new opportunity?  Shouldn’t we be able to keep a running tab of our careers and everything we’ve accomplished?  Shouldn’t this ‘document’ be updated and available to us anytime, anywhere?  We think so.

OpHaus has built an accomplishment and skill-based replacement for the legacy resume concept.  You onboard one time and consistently update accomplishments throughout your career.  It’s simple – keep track of what you did, when you did it, and what skills you used in your experience.  No more sitting around trying to remember what you accomplished in previous roles, they are all right in front of you on OpHaus and available anytime, anywhere. 

Best of all, nobody can see your accomplishments until you show up as best-fit for an opportunity.  Not looking for an opportunity right now?  Not a problem, you can turn your profile to Unavailable and nobody can see your profile at all.  We empower you, the professional, to control access to your information.

Why has OpHaus created this tool?  Our goal is to completely decentralize the talent acquisition process. 

Companies should only see a professional’s profile when it is best-fit for an opportunity. Likewise, a professional should only see the company’s opportunity when the company has interest in that individual.  There is no middleman in this process to create a biased search result.  OpHaus uses objective technology to match the best fit person to each opportunity.  We empower the professional and hiring company to make the connection. 

Until that connection is made, OpHaus provides a beneficial tool for professionals to keep track of career progress and note individual accomplishments, no matter how large or small they may be.  To learn more and receive an invitation, contact us today at info@OpHaus.com.

Posted on: 10/23/2017