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Campus Recruiting: Maximizing Every Connection

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Fall Recruitment Season has begun. Companies are on college campuses touting their culture, opportunities, and perhaps even a hip, modern office space. How many students will you interview? How much will it cost?

Of course, not all of those you interview this fall will receive a job offer and some who do will select a different employer. How do you avoid losing the time and money spent recruiting and interviewing this talent? Can you track and maximize ROI on these recruiting dollars? Absolutely.

A recent LinkedIn Survey shows those who graduated between 2006-2010 changed jobs 2.85 times in the first 5 years of employment. For new graduates, professional interests develop, expertise evolves, and career goals change in the critical first 5 years. How do you stay in touch? Better yet, can you engage these professionals for future job opportunities?

The answer is yes. OpHaus Private Networks can help.

Benefits for Talent:

-  Onboard once. Continuously update accomplishments and experience.
-  Tools to focus professionals on accomplishments, differentiators, and skills.
-  Tools to benchmark skills vs. peers. 
-  Customized learning and professional development.
-  Career needs change? Simply update OpHaus and opportunities brought to you.

Benefits for Companies and Firms:

-  Analytics on industry, role, expertise, and accomplishments.
-  Tools to Match, Bid, Engage talent for future or project opportunities.
-  Market job opportunities and company happenings to targeted audience.
-  No Recruiting Fees.

At OpHaus, we help companies build a pipeline of talent with greater efficiency and lower cost. Contact us at info@OpHaus.com to learn more and set up your Private Network today. Best of luck on those college campuses!



Source: LinkedIn Official Blog: "Will this Year's College Grads Job-Hop More than Previous Grads?" April 2016

Posted on: 10/16/2017