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Welcome to OpHaus

OpHaus: A New, Decentralized Talent Model

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Have you ever found an interesting job post and submitted your resume, only to have it lost in a dark hole?  Or, have you tried to hire someone, received 1,000 resumes (2% of which are relevant) and still can’t find the expertise you need?  In a world where technology reigns, why does it have to be this way for either party?  Well now, it doesn't.

OpHaus was created to decentralize the way companies and talent connect.  Professionals should be able to easily promote their accomplishments, skills, and experiences, and continuously update throughout their career.  Likewise, it should be easy for hiring managers to connect directly with relevant, vetted talent after describing their requirements.  OpHaus is the technology that allows this connection to happen. 

Using our proprietary match technology, there is no middle man.  The entire process is decentralized so hiring managers cannot see a professional’s profile unless that professional wants to be viewed.  Similarly, there is no need for hiring managers to post an opportunity publicly.  All job opportunities are confidential, so only candidates who are contacted for an interview are aware of the opportunity.  There is nothing in the middle to deter the hiring manager and professional from connecting directly.  It's more human, not less.

Once the connection is made, OpHaus provides technology to manage that relationship over time.  If the opportunity is project-based, OpHaus handles engagement letters, timesheets, invoicing, and all aspects of the engagement process.  If full-time, OpHaus can provide customized learning, skill-gap analysis, and many other tools to promote the team's success.

Best of all, because we use technology to our advantage, OpHaus can offer these services at a fraction of the cost of traditional routes.  This maximizes the professional’s pay and lowers the overall cost of hiring to companies.  A true win-win.  

For more information, please visit www.OpHaus.com and contact us today.

Posted on: 08/23/2017