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Accomplishments not Age


Accomplishments not Age

Traditional Resumes with their Bolded Titles and To - From Dates place Age front and center.  Josh Bersin and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic of the Harvard Business Review so eloquently made the case for hiring older workers showcasing that diversity of experience leads to better outcomes.

Yet, Age remains a barrier. How many jobs...


Launch of the COCPA Intern Platform

COCPA Intern Platform is Here!

COCPA Intern Platform, powered by OpHaus Matches Students and Hiring Companies, especially those who may not otherwise meet on campus. Expanding connections and opportunities. Students access a Digital Resume tool (Accomplishment-based), Opportunities, and other COCPA benefits for those entering the profession. We at OpHaus are thrilled to be partnering with the COCPA and offering...


Stay Interviews | Unbiased Approach

Can you gauge employee loyalty and identify those at risk to leave?

Open ended questions like “What do you love?” or “What makes you stay?” are too vague or leading. We need to understand which employees are on a trajectory that does not align with the organization.

Ask employees to identify their Top Accomplishment in the previous year...


Maximize Your 7-Second Resume

New Year, New Opportunities. Whether you are seeking a change in 2018 or looking to grow in your current role, you need a strong vision of what it is you deliver. Not title or department. The real Ask is strategic vision, leadership, and insight.

7 Seconds

Depending on who you ask, hiring managers spend between 6 and 10 seconds reviewing your resume. That...


OpHaus and MACPA Announce Partnership to Streamline the Connection Between CPA Talent and Hiring Companies

TOWNSON, Md., Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- OpHaus and Maryland State Society of CPAs (MACPA) announce the availability of an MACPA Talent Platform, powered by OpHaus. Hiring companies will now be able to confidentially post job opportunities and receive matched MACPA candidates in real time through the OpHaus Match software.

Prior to the partnership, companies seeking to hire MACPA talent were reliant on candidates finding their...


Is The Resume Outdated and Ineffective?

In a world where technology is changing by the minute, why do we still have the concept of a resume that only changes when we are looking for a new opportunity?  Shouldn’t we be able to keep a running tab of our careers and everything we’ve accomplished?  Shouldn’t this ‘document’ be updated and available to us anytime, anywhere?  We think...


Campus Recruiting: Maximizing Every Connection

Fall Recruitment Season has begun. Companies are on college campuses touting their culture, opportunities, and perhaps even a hip, modern office space. How many students will you interview? How much will it cost?

Of course, not all of those you interview this fall will receive a job offer and some who do will select a different employer. How do you avoid losing...


OpHaus: A New, Decentralized Talent Model

Have you ever found an interesting job post and submitted your resume, only to have it lost in a dark hole?  Or, have you tried to hire someone, received 1,000 resumes (2% of which are relevant) and still can’t find the expertise you need?  In a world where technology reigns, why does it have to be this way for...