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Is The Resume Outdated and Ineffective?

In a world where technology is changing by the minute, why do we still have the concept of a resume that only changes when we are looking for a new opportunity?  Shouldn’t we be able to keep a running tab of our careers and everything we’ve accomplished?  Shouldn’t this ‘document’ be updated and available to us anytime, anywhere?  We think...


Campus Recruiting: Maximizing Every Connection

Fall Recruitment Season has begun. Companies are on college campuses touting their culture, opportunities, and perhaps even a hip, modern office space. How many students will you interview? How much will it cost?

Of course, not all of those you interview this fall will receive a job offer and some who do will select a different employer. How do you avoid losing...


OpHaus: A New, Decentralized Talent Model

Have you ever found an interesting job post and submitted your resume, only to have it lost in a dark hole?  Or, have you tried to hire someone, received 1,000 resumes (2% of which are relevant) and still can’t find the expertise you need?  In a world where technology reigns, why does it have to be this way for...