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Welcome to OpHaus

OpHaus is not a recruiter or a job board.
We are a decentralized platform for career management and talent acquisition.


Manage accomplishments, skills, and career information while maintaining the desired level of confidentiality. Choose to connect with opportunities when it makes sense.

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Confidentially search for talent using software to introduce the best candidate for each position, instantly. No intermediaries and low fees. OpHaus makes the connection.

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Benefits for Professionals

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  • ✔ Confidentially Build Digital Career History
  • ✔ One-Click Availability When Open to New Opportunities
  • ✔ Downloadable Version of Your Career History
  • ✔ Validate Accomplishments with One Click
  • ✔ Peer-Based Skills Analysis
  • ✔ One-Stop Shop to Maintain All Career-Related Information

Benefits for Companies

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  • ✔ Confidentially Post Full-Time or Project-Based Opportunities
  • ✔ Receive Top Matches Instantly
  • ✔ Compare Candidates Easily with Simple Tear Sheet View
  • ✔ Ability to Request Bids from Candidates
  • ✔ Tools to Manage Project-Based Engagements
  • ✔ Create Own Talent Network Using OpHaus Networks Feature

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